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2020 Annual General Meeting

SALERS ASSOCIATION OF CANADA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2020Due to the worldwide pandemic that requires social distancing the board of directors decided to cancel the annual general meeting in Gimli, Manitoba scheduled for June 27&28, 2020.Instead of an in person meeting the board of directors decided to hold a virtual meeting

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Office slowly up and running again!

Dear members, Due to an unforeseen illness Heidi was out of the office for the month of March and the first week of April. Slowly I am recovering at home and will start catching up on work mailed to the office. Thanks for the many kind words and flowers I

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Advertising opportunity

The Association will publish a Co-op Ad in the upcoming Cattlemen and one ad  in a later issue. For members the cost will be $200 per issue. Please contact Travis Depalme at 403-872-1549 for more information and to advertise. Deadline January 15th, 2020.

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Bredplan 2019 & DNA to register calves

Please remember I will need to have recorded your 2019 calves in the first week of December in order for you to get EPD’s. Submit your registrations at your earliest convenience. All walking sires need DNA on file at the office. Don’t hesitate to mail DNA from your walking sires

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News from the Association

The Association held their Annual General Meeting on June 22nd in Richmond, Quebec. Thanks to the Salers Association of Quebec for the great hospitality enjoyed by everyone! Short term goals for the Association is to explore the availability of an online registry system. Long term goals are to incorporate information

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