2023 Scholarships:
Thank you to the following members for their financial support towards these scholarships: Tierra-Sol Cattle Company, Quebec Salers Association, Grundke Family Salers, PW Stock Farm, Clear Lake Salers, GIT Performance Cattle, 
Scattered Spruce Salers, North 42 Cattle Company, 
Sky West Land & Cattle, Eigner Family  

Previous Salers Association of Canada Scholarship Winners
2023 Brian Walker Memorial Scholarship –
Madiya Patriquin
2023 Mitch Jones Memorial Scholarship – Dylan Fuller 
2023 Carol Eigner Memorial Award – Quinn Penno
2022 Scholarship Winners – 
Tristen Brinson, Kayla Jones, Sean Penno
2021 Scholarship Winner – Kayla Jones
2019 Scholarship Winner – Kayla Jones 
2018 Scholarship Winner – Janalee Sweetland