After November 30th – annual herd inventory summaries will be sent to each enrolled member

Before February 1st – members will return inventory form after identifying enrollment animals and those to be “disposed” or “temporarily remove from inventory” (using appropriate codes).

March 31  – 50% of total BREEDPLAN fees (# of eligible females @ $23/heads due and, once paid, full registration papers can be issued for calves from all enrolled females, if requested (i.e. for shows or sales; ET, FB and randomly selected calves will still require PV).  Full payment can be made at this time if the breeder so chooses.

Aprilcan be submitted as soon as calving is complete (or earlier if not waiting for stragglers), registrations can be requested at this time, OR calving data can be submitted with weaning data.

September final payment of BREEDPLAN fees. Weaning Data – submit as soon as weights are gathered, registrations can be requested at this time. Docility & frame scores on the calves and weights, frame & udder scores can all be gathered for input at this time.  Visual scoring should be done on the entire herd by one person. 

November 1 all calving and weaning data received by office to be input for inclusion in National EPD Evaluation.

November 30 – annual herd inventory summary for next year to enrolled members.

December 1 – National EPD Evaluation run by ABRI, including SAC and ASA, to produce Sire Summary available in January of following year. (Each National is based on most recent calf crop with YW input eg. 2009 Sire Summary was on 2007 calf crop.)

January-March – yearling data submitted for input, registrations can be requested at this time.  Scrotal measurements can be input with the YW or shortly thereafter (weighing or measuring date required).