• Salers are correct on their feet and have long well proportioned legs.                                              EPS-newsbreak-e1450654182693-300x196
  • The very hard and resistant black hooves and the deep heel eliminate most foot maintenance.
  • Their heavy, solid dark red or black haired coat provides outstanding protection against cold temperatures.
  • The dark pigmentation of Salers prevents chapped and sunburned udders and eye diseases.
  • Their body has a straight topline with a wide rump, a good spring of rib and exceptional body length.
  • Salers have smooth lean muscling.
  • Average mature weight of Salers cows is 1,500 pounds.
  • Average mature weight of Salers bulls is 2,500 pounds.

Salers bulls are known as being aggressive breeders, getting their cows bred regardless of the terrain or conditions thereby providing excellent conception rates. They sire calves that not only have a moderate birth weight, but also have an exceptional drive to nurse. These bulls will provide powerful maternal traits, a rapid growth factor, superior feedlot and carcass performance to any herd they are used on.

WB-Mader-2006-012-300x214Salers females provide maternal traits that insure cattlemen optimum returns.  The cows displays the exceptional maternal qualities of fertility, milking ability, calving ease, hardiness and longevity.

The Salers influence contributes a large, well developed pelvic area in replacement females and will allow today’s commercial cattlemen to utilize terminal sires in a crossbreeding situation with less concern about birth weight and calving difficulties.

The Salers solid colour is also a popular trait with commercial cattle breeders as Salers produce uniform coloured calves when crossed with other breeds. An excellent marketing tool!

Because of the diversity of terrain and climate within Canada, Salers have gained a reputation for their ability to adapt readily to almost any kind of management or environmental conditions.

Feedlot performance and carcass quality are the final measurement of a breed’s capabilities. Feedlots are learning that Salers sired cattle finish with performance equal to or better than other popular breeds for gain, feed conversion and cost of gain. In fact feedlots are finding that Salers generate the highest returns.

Salers feeder cattle are known for their ability to produce lean carcasses at the required market weight with the desired marbling to ensure tenderness. A valuable commodity in a competitive market where quality is rewarded.