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Salers Association of Canada

The Salers Association of Canada is recognized as the official breed registry for Salers Cattle in Canada. The Association is guided by a group of dedicated, innovative and influential Canadian beef producers who see Salers Genetics as the key to maintaining a balanced approach to profitable beef production.

The Latest News from the Salers Assocation of Canada

  • Salers Show at Farmfair International 2021

    The Salers breed has some exciting news, as we are set to enter Farmfair International with our own breed show!  It has been over a decade since our breed has shown in Edmonton.  Many thanks to the breeders who entered cattle and the extra help from Farmfair staff to help make it happen.  The Salers […]

Early Sommer Salers Cow /Calf pair

Early Summer Salers Cow/Calf

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Early Summer - Salers Cow/Calf Pair