Neogen Canada TSU Rebate Program

Neogen Canada TSU Rebate Program
The purpose of the Neogen Canada TSU Rebate Program is to encourage
breed association members to use the Allflex Tissue Sampling Units (TSUs)
when collecting samples for genomic testing.
Program Details
The program will run from May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024.
For every TSU sample received at Neogen Canada with a request for an
eligible genomic test from the breed association, Neogen Canada will provide
a $2.50 credit back to the breed association submitting the testing request.
Genomic testing options eligible for the TSU Rebate Program include: GGP -100K
Ordering TSUs
TSUs can be ordered online at Tissue Sampling Unit | Genomics | Neogen

TSU’s can be ordered with a paper order form, but there is a $10 manual order processing fee.
The order form can be downloaded here: Submitting your Genomic Testing Data | Neogen

Please contact the office before you mail your DNA samples to Neogen. An electronic submission form needs to be sent to the lab prior to mailing DNA. Be sure to properly identify your samples.