Windrush Hill Salers – Semen for Sale

Semen for Sale:  Retirement clearance  – 85 doses of PGJ Mack 5M – 47877 and 85 doses of CSS Mr Polled Herc65H – 42282. Mack was Stampede Champion 2004 while Herc is his sire.  All cows are sold and this is a disposal of remaining semen.  Priced right for purebred or commercial purposes. DNA on file so all offspring qualify for registration.

Bulls for Sale:  Two 2 year old bulls. Black, polled, semen tested.
BW: 78 & 84lbs   Scrotal:  40 & 40.5cm at 17 months.


CONTACT: Brian Jones - Windrush Hill Salers 403-938 6367