50th Anniversary Celebration

To mark the milestone, several key events took place during Farmfair International. Festivities kicked off with the Purebred and Optimizer Salers Show on November 8th. Great quality of Salers cattle was presented to Judge Dawn Wilson.

Grand Champion Bull: WWC KAYO 581K – Tierra Sol Cattle Company

Reserve Grand Champion Bull: TSC DR J 1J – Scattered Spruce Salers

Grand Champion Female: YFS MISS BETHANY 47K – Tierra – Sol Cattle Company

Reserve Grand Champion Female: CLEAR LAKE JEWELIE 6J – Tierra- Sol Cattle Company / Clear Lake Salers

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor: Scattered Spruce Salers

Congratulations to all the breeders and exhibitors.
 Salers Results 2023

On Thursday, the Neogen Cattlemen’s Choice took place where the many judges crowned Grand Champion Female PW Love Sick 16L and Grand Champion Bull PW Lambeau 10L.

Congratulations to PW Stock Farm.

The Salers Golden Sale ran November 8-9 with DLMS giving added coverage.
Sale average on 9 lots $7305.56.

Approximately 80 guests enjoyed a lovely supper and some fellowship on Thursday evening. Members past and present gathered to talk about 50 years.

Thank you to Sky West Land & Cattle for opening their doors for a farm tour on Friday.

A very special thank you to Gar and Marie-Anne Williams (50th Anniversary Chairperson) and Peter Watkins (Chairperson Salers Association of Canada). Also a thank you to anyone that put efforts in to help make this event a success!