Sire Summary

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Sire Summary – 2019, Uploaded March 2019

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  Active Sires   Trends   Dam_Percentiles
  TraitLeadersSires_A_BW   TraitLeadersSires_B_BW   Trait_Leader_Dams_BW
  TraitLeadersSires_A_WW   TraitLeadersSires_B_WW   Trait_Leaders_Dams_WW
  TraitLeaderSires_A_YW   TraitLeadersSires_B_YW   Trait_Leaders_Dams_YW
  TraitLeaderSires_A_Scrotal  TraitLeadersSires_B_Scrotal   Trait_Leaders_Dams_SC
  TraitLeaderSires_A_Milk   TraitLeadersSires_B_Milk   Trait_Leader_Dams_Milk
  SireDifferences   Sire_A_Percentiles   2017_Calf_Percentiles
  SireDifferences_9lb   Sire_B_Percentiles   All_Calf_Percentiles
  SireDifferences_14lb   Sires_C_Percentiles   EPD Stats
  SireDifferences_Milk   Percentiles_All_Sires   EPD Differences