News from the Association

The Association held their Annual General Meeting on June 22nd in Richmond, Quebec. Thanks to the Salers Association of Quebec for the great hospitality enjoyed by everyone!

Short term goals for the Association is to explore the availability of an online registry system. Long term goals are to incorporate information gathered from the ASA 50K project into enhanced EPD’s and to expand the SAC profile.

As well discussed was the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Salers Association of Canada in 2023. If you have any material that could be used to possibly publish a book about Salers in Canada, please contact the office.

As always, remember that all walking bulls need DNA on file at the office. Please store DNA in clean paper envelopes, clearly labeled. Make it a habit to pull hair on all your bulls.

Last year the Association published for the first time a digital fall magazine. It was well received. The board of directors decided to go ahead and publish an issue for this fall. Please contact Gar Williams at 306-241-4108 if you would like to advertise in the upcoming digital magazine.

Board of Directors for 2019 – 2020. Peter Watkins – President,
Werner Grundke – Vice-President, Travis Depalme – Treasurer
Directors: Richard Grudeski, Jacob Morin and Mike Topp
Magazine: Gar Williams

As previously mentioned, Heidi Voegeli-Bleiker accepted a position with the Canadian Hereford Association, but agreed that she will continue to work for the Salers Association of Canada. The Salers Association of Canada has now their own office, no longer together with the Canadian Maine-Anjou Association. Address and phone number stay the same. Please leave a message, send an email or a text message and Heidi will get back to you as soon as possible.

Heidi will be away from August 10 to August 30th, please contact Peter Watkins at 403-650-8362 if you need immediate assistance.

Congratulations to 4-H children/youth that exhibited Salers this summer. We are very proud of their achievements.  Please remember the Association offers an annual scholarship to a young adult.

Thanks for all your support, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions, comments or concerns.