Salers … they’ll grow on you!


Are you planning for your spring breeding season? Salers cattle will improve your herd’s productivity. Salers bulls are known as being aggressive breeders, getting their cows bred regardless of the terrain or conditions thereby providing excellent conception rates. They sire calves that not only have a moderate birth weight, but also have an exceptional drive to […]

BIXS Today


BIXS(Beef InfoXchange System) was founded in 2008 to support the Canadian Beef Advantage branding initiative. It was free, voluntary and confidential for cow-calf producers, feedlots and packers, processors and distributors to share relevant production, performance, health, genetic, and carcass data  funded by government. BIXS Today Sustainability in the Beef Industry Raw Data Message   

DNA Testing Fee Schedule


Basic SNP Parentage Panel – $25.00  (can be used for sire profile)  * Microsatellite Parentage – $47.25  * Combo – Basic SNP & Microsatellite Parentage – $55.00  * GGP-LD – 31K (includes parentage) – $55.00  * GGP-UHD – 130K (includes parentage) – $120.00  * There might be funding available for genomic testing.