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BIXS Today


BIXS(Beef InfoXchange System) was founded in 2008 to support the Canadian Beef Advantage branding initiative. It was free, voluntary and confidential for cow-calf producers, feedlots and packers, processors and distributors to share relevant production, performance, health, genetic, and carcass data  funded by government. BIXS Today Sustainability in the Beef Industry Raw Data Message   

DNA Testing Fee Schedule


Basic SNP Parentage Panel – $25.00  (can be used for sire profile)  * Microsatellite Parentage – $47.25  * Combo – Basic SNP & Microsatellite Parentage – $55.00  * GGP-LD – 31K (includes parentage) – $55.00  * GGP-UHD – 130K (includes parentage) – $120.00  * There might be funding available for genomic testing.    

Catch up program for animals over 2 years of age to register at a reduced rate


The Salers Association of Canada offers a registration catch up program for animal over 24 month. The reduced rate will be $63 (includes GST). All rules apply for registrations. Walking sires do need a DNA profile, Fullblood animals require full parentage verification.The programs deadline is June 30th 2017. Please send your registrations to the office.