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Salers Association of Canada

The Salers Association of Canada is recognized as the official breed registry for Salers Cattle in Canada. The Association is guided by a group of dedicated, innovative and influential Canadian beef producers who see Salers Genetics as the key to maintaining a balanced approach to profitable beef production.

The Latest News from the Salers Assocation of Canada

  • DNA Testing Fee Schedule

    Basic SNP Parentage Panel – $25.00  (can be used for sire profile)  * Microsatellite Parentage – $47.25  * Combo – Basic SNP & Microsatellite Parentage – $55.00  * GGP-LD – 31K (includes parentage) – $55.00  * GGP-UHD – 130K (includes parentage) – $120.00  * There might be funding available for genomic testing.    

Featured Salers Video

New Trend Salers Bull Sale 2016, held at Olds Cow Palace on March 17th, 2016.